Don’t throw that in the trash!

I’m sure all of us have been chastised by an environmentally concerned friend, relative or co-worker to not throw something in the trash can. Many items can be recycled and more of our clients are adding recycling programs all the time.

We are always happy to help by keeping trash and recyclables separate. Please contact us if you want us to help you with recycling.

 There is one more thing we would like to see our clients keep out of the trash can – liquids. It is very common for us to find drink cups, bottles and cans in the trash cans with large amounts of liquids still inside. This can present several problems:

  •  Sweet drinks can and often do attract ants and other insects. An extra visit from the pest control people is never a good thing.
  •  Some of our accounts are only cleaned weekly and even less often. Which means an old drink could start molding and smelling bad by the time we arrive.
  • Remember too that trash can liners can leak, which would lead to a very messy, sticky trash can which will be more difficult to clean.
  • When emptying the trash cans the liquids can unexpectedly spill out onto the floors and carpets. This creates the need for carpet cleaning.
  • Drinks with lots of sugar and food colorings will stain carpets, in some cases permanently. Even repeated carpet cleanings might not remove these kinds of stains. 

Here’s the simple solution. If you’re done with your drink before its empty, take the container to the nearest sink and pour the liquid down the drain. Then put it in the trash can. Or better yet, recycle the container.

Your small effort will be rewarded – you will have a cleaner workplace and planet.

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