It’s become one of the big buzzwords the past few years. It seems like it is being used with regard to everything from the environment to government programs to business models. Our next several blog entries will discuss in some detail what we think the word sustainability means when applied to the janitorial industry.

It’s spring and Earth Day is near – so this seems like a good time to share with you how we’re going greener all the time.

At Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. we are working diligently to develop a more environmentally friendly cleaning system. Here are just a few of the changes we are making to reduce the use of chemicals, water, power and other precious resources.

Microfiber Mops. Many of our employees are now using these tools to clean the floors at our customer businesses. The microfiber mopping system is more environmentally friendly for several reasons. When cleaning a relatively small area (less than 1000 sq. ft.) a premixed mopping solution can be dispensed directly from a gallon jug onto the floor. This eliminates the need to fill a large mop bucket, saving several gallons of water and several ounces of chemical each time we clean a floor. Cleanliness and speed of work are also improved, making this a true win-win situation for all of us. Expect all of our employees to be using this system for all routine floor mopping in the coming weeks.

Zone Cleaning. We train our employees to clean larger buildings one area at a time. By this I mean they perform all of the tasks in a given area of a building, then move on to the next area to work. When they enter each area, lights are turned on and then turned off as soon as work is completed in that area. We never enter a large building, turn on all of the lights and leave them on for the duration of the job unless that is the only way the lights can be controlled. This system saves a lot of electricity over time and saves our customers money.

Recycling. As mentioned in our last article we encourage our customers to recycle. We will happily keep your blue can recycles separate from your trash and place the items in the appropriate on site dumpster. We also instruct employees to recycle their own chemical containers and other items. And we clean with reusable, washable cloths instead of paper towels.

Every little bit helps. By doing all of these things, we at Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. are doing our part to save money and go green. Look here soon for more updates on the ways we are improving our sustainability.

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