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December 10, 2017



January 29, 2013

Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. wants to ensure that your comments, concerns and requests are addressed.


Whatever that message is, we want to hear it.

Please communicate your comment, concern or request to Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. We strive to provide you with the service you desire!


The content of the message may dictate the method by which it is sent.

Critical – Please call.

Non-critical – Please fax, e-mail, snail-mail, or document in on-site notebook*.

*Upon request, Padre will provide a notebook to be kept on-site for communicating with the Padre staff.


Brad and Sandra are hands-on owners!

The phone (619) 280-8024, e-mail (, fax (619) 741-2986, and mail (P.O. Box San Diego, CA 92160) are all directly handled daily by Brad and Sandra.

On-site notebooks are reviewed by Padre’s staff during each service trip and by Brad as necessary.


Some communications may need further input or clarification from the Padre staff that services your account.

If this is the case, Brad or Sandra will let your know that our staff will be contacted as part of addressing the issue.


The appropriate action will be taken as soon as possible.

Every effort will be made to follow-through within 24 hours or during the next service trip.

Please let us know if there is anything Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. can do to better communicate with you!

Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2011

Brad and Sandra will sing for you!


Litter Costs Us All

November 15, 2011


Do you remember “Give a Hoot – Don’t Pollute”? Woodsey the Owl sang about how we could help to keep America looking good.


And do you remember Iron Eyes Cody – the crying Indian? His single tear spoke volumes about people destroying the natural beauty of America.


As a child of the 70’s, these two PSA icons made a lasting impression on me. Combined with the examples set by my parents, I simply cannot litter. And now, as a business owner (specifically a janitorial service business owner) I have come to realize the financial impact of littering.

Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. customers pay us to perform many tasks, one of which is to police the properties of their businesses. Policing involves picking up litter outside of their building and power washing their parking lots, walkways and stairwells to remove stuck on litter like gum, food/drink, etc.

And here is where the financial cost comes into play. Any business that pays a janitorial service, or even their own employees, to pick up litter will pass that cost on to their customers in the price of their goods or services.

Don’t misunderstand. I am not implying that money is more important than the environment. There is not much that is more important than taking care of the world we call home. Without it, we do not exist. But the monies we spend cleaning up after an action that is completely preventable (littering) could be used for cleanups after non-preventable actions by Mother Nature (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.).

More Than Ever

August 13, 2011

Padre Janitorial Shows SDSU Pride!

March 15, 2011

We recently had occasion to follow our beloved Aztecs to their championship game. Check out this fun tv spot featuring us as we supported our home team!

No Revolving Door

February 11, 2011

It may sound corny, but stopping every once in awhile and listing all of the good things you have is really the best way to put things into perspective and to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.

Brad and I did just that the other evening. And at the top of the list was our employees and how long they stay with our company. We felt so great when we calculated that the average number of years of employment with Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. is 14.75!

Some employees have been with us as long as 30 years. Even the newest ones have been with us for at least 2 years. We are so fortunate to have this group of people who provide service for our customers. Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. is proud to send this group of people out to your businesses and homes.

Sandra Stinton


Padre Janitorial Service, Inc.


April 22, 2010


It’s become one of the big buzzwords the past few years. It seems like it is being used with regard to everything from the environment to government programs to business models. Our next several blog entries will discuss in some detail what we think the word sustainability means when applied to the janitorial industry.

It’s spring and Earth Day is near – so this seems like a good time to share with you how we’re going greener all the time.

At Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. we are working diligently to develop a more environmentally friendly cleaning system. Here are just a few of the changes we are making to reduce the use of chemicals, water, power and other precious resources.

Microfiber Mops. Many of our employees are now using these tools to clean the floors at our customer businesses. The microfiber mopping system is more environmentally friendly for several reasons. When cleaning a relatively small area (less than 1000 sq. ft.) a premixed mopping solution can be dispensed directly from a gallon jug onto the floor. This eliminates the need to fill a large mop bucket, saving several gallons of water and several ounces of chemical each time we clean a floor. Cleanliness and speed of work are also improved, making this a true win-win situation for all of us. Expect all of our employees to be using this system for all routine floor mopping in the coming weeks.

Zone Cleaning. We train our employees to clean larger buildings one area at a time. By this I mean they perform all of the tasks in a given area of a building, then move on to the next area to work. When they enter each area, lights are turned on and then turned off as soon as work is completed in that area. We never enter a large building, turn on all of the lights and leave them on for the duration of the job unless that is the only way the lights can be controlled. This system saves a lot of electricity over time and saves our customers money.

Recycling. As mentioned in our last article we encourage our customers to recycle. We will happily keep your blue can recycles separate from your trash and place the items in the appropriate on site dumpster. We also instruct employees to recycle their own chemical containers and other items. And we clean with reusable, washable cloths instead of paper towels.

Every little bit helps. By doing all of these things, we at Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. are doing our part to save money and go green. Look here soon for more updates on the ways we are improving our sustainability.

Don’t throw that in the trash!

November 3, 2009

I’m sure all of us have been chastised by an environmentally concerned friend, relative or co-worker to not throw something in the trash can. Many items can be recycled and more of our clients are adding recycling programs all the time.

We are always happy to help by keeping trash and recyclables separate. Please contact us if you want us to help you with recycling.

 There is one more thing we would like to see our clients keep out of the trash can – liquids. It is very common for us to find drink cups, bottles and cans in the trash cans with large amounts of liquids still inside. This can present several problems:

  •  Sweet drinks can and often do attract ants and other insects. An extra visit from the pest control people is never a good thing.
  •  Some of our accounts are only cleaned weekly and even less often. Which means an old drink could start molding and smelling bad by the time we arrive.
  • Remember too that trash can liners can leak, which would lead to a very messy, sticky trash can which will be more difficult to clean.
  • When emptying the trash cans the liquids can unexpectedly spill out onto the floors and carpets. This creates the need for carpet cleaning.
  • Drinks with lots of sugar and food colorings will stain carpets, in some cases permanently. Even repeated carpet cleanings might not remove these kinds of stains. 

Here’s the simple solution. If you’re done with your drink before its empty, take the container to the nearest sink and pour the liquid down the drain. Then put it in the trash can. Or better yet, recycle the container.

Your small effort will be rewarded – you will have a cleaner workplace and planet.

Little Known Hazards of Cleaning

May 28, 2009

Having been in the janitorial business for many years, I have heard some wild stories about bad reactions to chemicals and odors in the workplace. Some of these stories are almost humorous while others have highlighted the hazards associated with using potentially dangerous chemicals. The following is one of the most sensational cases I have ever heard.

The Associated Press reported recently that an AT&T call center employee cleaning a refrigerator full of rotten food created a smell so noxious it sent seven co-workers to the hospital and made 28 others ill. Apparently the mixture of old lunches and disinfectant was so strong smelling it caused people to have nausea and even vomiting.

This is a good example of why these kinds of cleaning projects should be left to properly trained cleaning professionals-who are doing these tasks after workers have gone home for the evening. Floor care should also be performed after hours because of strong odors given off by floor cleaners and finishes, not to mention the risk of slip and fall incidents.

Here are a couple of helpful hints for you do it yourself types. Never mix chemicals when cleaning-especially bleach and amonia. These two chemicals are present in nearly every household, but when combined give off chlorine gas which is deadly. Always wear latex gloves and eye protection and always work in well ventilated areas. Also, if you have an old refrigerator that is empty and unplugged, leave the door propped slightly ajar. An airtight, warm refrigerator will very quickly grow tremendous amounts of mold and mildew. That would create a cleaning job that even that AT&T employee would probably pass on.