Our First Post

April 11, 2009



You are reading the first ever posting on the Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. blog. It is out intention to use this blog as a forum to discuss the latest issues affecting us and our customers. Discussion will include a wide variety of topics that apply to the janitorial industry, business in general, the economy or items of general interest. The topics will usually be very broad in focus and the blog will never be used to complain about any customer and anyone else close to us. We are certain that we can be informative and/or entertaining without ever resorting to mudslinging.


Let’s take a moment to introduce the two people that will be contributing to this blog.


Brad Stinton


Brad is the president and CEO of Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. To say that he was born into the cleaning business would not be much of an exaggeration. The company was founded by Brad’s father Frank in 1967. Brad began helping out however he could a few years later. Except for brief periods Brad has live in San Diego his entire life. He graduated from Patrick Henry high school in 1982, from Grossmont College in 1987 and earned a bachelors degree in business administration from National University in 1989. After exploring a few different careers including sales and teaching Brad joined Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. full time in 1991 and purchased the business in 2003.


He lives in La Mesa with Sandra, his wife of 13 years, and their cat Sweetpea. In his spare time he enjoys playing softball and golf and going on an occasional wine tasting trip.


Sandra Stinton


Sandra is the vice president and CFO of Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. Sandra is a native San Diegan. She graduated from Mount Miguel high school in 1978. Her first career was in the credit union industry. Sandra spent over 20 years working for credit union software companies until she retired in 2004 to work with Brad. Sandra primarily handles all office functions; however it is not uncommon for her to work side by side with Brad on various customer jobs.


In her spare time she enjoys reading and going on an occasional wine tasting trip with Brad.